The Draft Room

Jakex was approached by The Draft Room, a prohibition-era style restaurant and bar, for help in getting back to their original brand and redesigning their website. The Draft Room had been struggling to attract customers and maintain its identity in the competitive restaurant and bar industry.

Jakex was excited to take on this project and help The Draft Room get back on track. The first step was to understand the restaurant's brand and its target audience. Jakex conducted extensive research and analysis to identify the core values and unique selling points of The Draft Room. Based on this research, Jakex developed a comprehensive branding strategy that included a new menu layout, color scheme, and messaging. The new brand identity was designed to reflect the restaurant's prohibition-era theme and appeal to its target audience of young professionals and foodies.

Next, Jakex worked closely with The Draft Room to redesign its website. The new website was designed to be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines. Jakex also integrated a reservation system and online ordering platform to make it easier for customers to book tables and order food and drinks.

The result of Jakex's work was a revitalized brand and a modern, user-friendly website that accurately reflected the unique character and offerings of The Draft Room. The restaurant saw a significant increase in foot traffic and online orders, and its reputation as a top destination for food and drinks in the area was restored. Jakex was proud to have played a role in The Draft Room's success and looked forward to partnering with other businesses to help them achieve their goals.

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